About Dr. Van Amberg

A Commitment to Health and Wellness for His Patients and Community

A Lifelong Interest in the Benefits of Chiropractic Care

david_van_amberg_chiropractorDoctor David J. Van Amberg first experienced chiropractic care during his childhood after an accident. The significant healing he received led to a fascination with how chiropractic worked and a lifelong commitment to maintaining his own health and that of others.

Educating People About Spinal Health

Educating patients about improving their own health is a passion of Dr. Van Amberg’s. He is a firm believer in the power of people to achieve healthier lives and finds it very gratifying to provide them with the tools for wellness. In addition to treating patients in his Warren office, he provides free educational workshops about spinal health and chiropractic treatment.

Learning About Each Patient

Intake meetings are thorough and Dr. Van Amberg listens carefully as he gathers as much information as possible about the patient’s symptoms and health history. This is followed up by developing a detailed treatment plan based on the patient’s needs and goals. Referrals are made as appropriate.

Dr. Van Amberg’s offices in Warren reflect his treatment style. Furnishings are comfortable and the ambience is serene. Plenty of information is available for those who wish to learn more about their treatment.

About Dr. Van Amberg

Dr. Van Amberg has been a chiropractic practitioner since 2002. He holds BA and DC degrees from University of Tennessee/Life University. Areas of particular interest and expertise are sports and work related injuries and family healthcare.

Engaged in his community, Dr. Van Amberg is a little league coach in Warren. He is available to speak to local organizations about the spine and its role in maintaining wellness.

When not helping his patients with their health, Dr. Van Amberg enjoys sports and leisure activities with his wife and children, and visiting with family from South Carolina.