ALINE Insoles

ALINE Insoles

Feet: The Foundation for Correct Body Alignment

ALINE_insolesYour feet provide the foundation on which your body stands and moves. Yet people wear shoes that are not always well-designed to promote good alignment of the feet. Aches and pains can be transmitted through the ankles, knees, hips and back. Even athletic shoes do not always deliver the correct support. Some are too stiff and only offer support in a static position. Others are too soft and do not provide sufficient support.

The answer? An insole that provides comfortable support through the foot’s natural range of motion. ALINE Insoles have been engineered to do just that. Van Amberg Family Chiropractic offers ALINE Insoles to our patients because we believe in their ability to augment the work we do in helping our patients achieve the best possible alignment for their spinal health.

ALINE Insoles Provide An Engineered Suspension System for Your Feet

ALINE Insoles were designed to support and shape your foot to enable optimal alignment in all phases of motion and activity. All of this enhances proper foot function. Their patented construction helps align the entire leg from foot to hip, decreasing harmful forces on the feet, knees and ankles.

Athletes Benefit From ALINE Insoles

ALINE Insoles are used and endorsed by a large number of athletes who ski, skateboard, snowboard, participate in motocross, golf, BMX, run and play hockey. Among them are many X-Games medalists, Olympians and professional golfers. These are elite athletes who lead active lives and depend on their feet for elite performance.

Not Just for Athletes

You do not, however, have to be an elite athlete, or even a weekend warrier, to appreciate the benefits of these insoles, which is why Van Amberg Family Chiropractic recommends them to our patients. When your feet are properly supported and aligned, your whole body functions better. And that is our ultimate goal: helping our patients achieve optimal overall health.

Get the Right Fit

It makes sense to get fitted for your ALINE Insoles by Dr. Van Amberg, who has been trained as an ALINE Certified Expert (ACE). In addition to his knowledge of the body and how its systems work, Dr. Van Amberg has in-depth technical understanding of the ALINE Insoles and the variables to consider for proper fit.

Ask Dr. Van Amberg about how ALINE Insoles can help your body with proper alignment from the ground up.