Gene Snip DNA Analysis

Why We Offer Gene Snip™ DNA Analysis

gene_snipVan Amberg Family Chiropractic offers Gene Snip DNA Analysis as an extra service to our patients. With this cutting edge tool, you can discover the role your genes play in your health and clues to how your body might respond to different stresses and activities. We feel that knowledge is power and that if you know your body’s genetic tendencies, you can work more efficiently toward better health.

Based on a simple cheek swab, combined with your answers to a comprehensive lifestyle questionnaire, Gene Snip DNA Analysis provides a customized Health Action Plan exclusively for you, your body and your lifestyle, to help you on your path to optimal health.

Your Gene Snip Analysis Health Action Plan

Your recommendations will suggest ways you can aim for your best health, based upon your results. Areas covered include Weight Management, Heart Health, blood Sugar Maintenance and Bone Health.

Weight Management

Your genetic makeup affects how your body burns fat and responds to exercise. The program tests for seven genes associated with weight management and exercise, then suggests the most efficient plan for achieving your ideal weight and fitness.

Heart Health

Genetic variations affect heart health, blood pressure and cholesterol metabolism. Find out the best way to work with your body.

Blood Sugar Maintenance

Learn how your genetic make-up affects your ability to metabolize sugars and your level of sensitivity to insulin, both of which can have an impact on your heart, cognitive health and more.

Bone Health

The Gene Snip analysis program tests for four genes related to bone density and related issues. The recommendations will help you take action to preserve your bone health.

Ask Us About Your Gene Snip Analysis

Van Amberg Family Chiropractic will be happy to answer your questions and help you get started with your own Gene Snip Analysis.