Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain

lower_back_painPain in the lower back is one of the most common medical problems, and one of the most difficult to resolve. Sufferers have a high rate of absenteeism from school or work. They find daily activities difficult, and may have to curtail things they enjoy, such as recreational sports and travel.

Causes of Back Pain

Improper sitting or lifting, overextension, trauma or genetic spinal abnormalities may cause back pain. The pain may be accompanied by tingling, numbness or pain that shoots down the leg.

The Root of the Problem

When the vertebrae are not positioned properly, the cushioning discs between the bones can become damaged. A bulging or herniated disc can put pressure on the spinal cord or nerve root. Over time, as the discs degenerate, the bones rub on the spinal nerves where they emerge from the spinal cord. The many pain-sensing nerves in this area begin to work overtime. Restricted spinal motion over time increases the likelihood of pain, poor fluid circulation, and osteo-arthritis.

Timing is Crucial

The longer the person suffers, the more his or her lifestyle is affected, and the greater the damage that can occur. If, for example, a disc deteriorates too much, surgery may be the only option. Prevention via early chiropractic evaluation and intervention makes sense.

Typical Treatments

Conventional medicine generally offers pain medication, muscle relaxants and surgery as solutions for lower back pain. Patients are then faced with potential side effects, possible addictions and the risks of surgery. Surgery might include trimming of bone or tissue or fusing vertebrae. In addition to the expense, recuperation from surgery takes time away from normal activities.

Chiropractic Provides Relief Without Side Effects

Dr. Van Amberg will work with your neurologist, radiologist and other orthopedic specialists to determine the best approach for your situation. Sometimes surgery is the best answer. But often, chiropractic adjustments can relieve pressure on the nerves and improve functioning while reducing pain. The chiropractic solution may also include appropriate nutritional and exercise guidance.

If you are suffering from lower back pain, ask Dr. Van Amberg to help you understand all your possible options for recovery.