Neck Pain

Neck Pain

neckNeck pain is a pretty common complaint. Who hasn’t woken up with a stiff neck after falling asleep on the couch? Extended time seated at the office or in the car may also trigger pain. An old injury may be involved. There may be throbbing pain or difficulty turning one’s head.

Underlying Physiological Causes

A significant number of neck symptoms can be traced to spinal misalignments. The head may not be balanced correctly. The brain stem and spinal cord can be affected. Poor posture, especially when sitting, can promote poor position of the spine, which leads to pinched, stretched or irritated nerves. Over time, these improper body mechanics can result in changes to the spinal curve that exacerbate the condition.

Conventional Medicine Treats Only Symptoms

Common medical treatments for neck pain involve shots or a wide range of medications. These treatments may provide some relief, but do not always address the cause of pain.

Chiropractic Adjustments Can Eliminate the Source of the Pain

A chiropractic examination can identify problems with your spine and the way your head is positioned in relation to your vertebrae. Then, gentle adjustments can help restore proper mechanics and reduce pressure on the spine. Education and exercises to correct posture can prevent future problems.

If you are experiencing neck pain, make an appointment to see how Dr. Van Amberg can help you resolve it. Many different chiropractic styles can be utilized to ensure comfort and success for your particular case.