Pregnancy and the Spine

chiropractic_care_pregnancyAnyone who has been pregnant will tell you that pregnancy stresses the whole body and goes more smoothly when the body is healthy to begin with. Chiropractic treatment offers a great way to make sure the body is in peak condition before getting pregnant and to maintain health throughout pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Physical Changes Challenge the Body

Everyone knows that weight is gained during pregnancy and that one’s center of gravity changes as the abdomen enlarges. Hormones change, connective ligaments loosen and low back pain enters the picture. It makes sense to provide care to keep the spine healthy.

Chiropractic Care Makes Pregnancy Easier

Chiropractic treatment is focused on keeping the spine properly aligned and mobilized so that all the nerves radiating from it to every organ and system of the body can function at peak performance. Being in your best possible state of health makes perfect sense when planning a baby. Maintaining that health through pregnancy gives the developing baby the best possible start.

Chiropractic treatments can be modified to accommodate the comfort of the mother. As always, adjustments are very gentle and carry no risk—only benefits for mother and baby. Anecdotal evidence suggests that pregnant women who receive chiropractic care have less discomfort and easier deliveries.

If you want to learn more about maximizing your physical and emotional well-being before, during and after pregnancy, make an appointment with Dr. Van Amberg today.